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Integrative Paediatric Care

Meet Dr Jess

Dr Jessica Smith is an integrative paediatric general practitioner, focusing solely on holistic child healthcare. She has cultivated a unique role in the child healthcare space – whereby she utilises tools from her traditional medical and surgical training, as well as her integrative medical knowledge.

Jess’s journey has been deeply rooted in creating partnerships with families. Understanding each unique story, she collaborates towards holistic well-being, ensuring every child’s health is approached with empathy and expertise.

Jess runs a thriving practice in the beautiful Cape Town and has a deep love for ongoing research and learning. She is the co-founder of Sprout, a multi-disciplinary team of aligned healthcare practitioners who together strive for holistic care for growing families.

When not caring for patients, Jess wears her other hats. As a wife and mother of two, she spends much of her time trying to find balance and joy in watching her family grow and learning from her own beautiful children. Jess is an avid reader and an outdoor enthusiast who is always up for a new trail up the lovely mountain (kids on the back) or a chilly ocean dip.

Dr Jessica Smith | Integrative Paediatric GP

My Approach to Care

My journey to integrative paediatrics began early into medical school, where I constantly found that standard, traditional Western medicine could not answer all of my questions, and too often was focused on symptomatic treatment, not directed at the root cause of disease. As my experience through hospital-based paediatrics grew, I further felt that so often we were missing the boat, dealing with ‘reactive’ -medicine. After becoming a Mother myself, my interest for optimising health and preventative medicine became an absolute passion. I believe in a dual approach to children’s health – combatting acute issues with evidence-based medicine, and optimising health with integrative modalities and nutrition. I love to teach and empower parents to feel equipped in making informed decisions about their child’s health and to learn to trust their own intuition when it comes to their family’s well-being. 

Services Offered

Primary Paediatric Care

Comprehensive medical care tailored to the unique needs of every child, ensuring their optimal health and well-being.

A balanced approach that combines traditional paediatric practices with holistic methods, ensuring a comprehensive care plan for every child.

Regular check-ins at important ages and stages – to monitor, support and optimise your child’s growth and development. 

○  6-week visit: an essential early check-up to monitor your baby’s initial growth and to screen for important possible issues or difficulties. This visit allows for all parental concerns to be heard and addressed fully. 
  4-month visit: a review of developmental milestones, growth and overall health. An important time to discuss nutrition, allergens, and how to optimise your baby’s growth and development going forward. 
8-month visit: ensuring your child is on track with physical and cognitive development, and discussing the gentle balance of solid foods and milk intake. 
12-month visit: a crucial check to ensure your child’s first year has set a solid foundation for health. Screening opportunity for potential issues.
18-month visit: a review of your toddler’s progress, addressing any nutritional, sleep, developmental or physical concerns. 

  • Comprehensive evaluation of your baby’s feeding abilities and breastfeeding/bottle feeding assessment. A multi-disciplinary approach is taken to ensure all avenues of support are explored, and surgical corrective procedures are performed if necessary to optimise feeding, growth, oral airway, speech development and maternal breastfeeding comfort. 
  • Comprehensive guidance and support for parents, ensuring optimal nutrition, growth and development. Specific areas of interest include infant feeding, toddler nutrition and fussy eaters, gut health, brain health, and immune function.  

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Integrative, Allopathic, Western, Homeopathic, Naturopathic, Functional. . . What does it all mean?

Integrative, Allopathic, Western, Homeopathic, Naturopathic, Functional. . . What does it all mean?

My journey towards an integrative approach to medicine was ignited by an ongoing disappointment in the standard medical practices.


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